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Researchers Have Developed a New Way to 3D Print Using Metal Composites

Written by David

September 11, 2018

Equally as important as the hardware and the software that powers them are the materials you put inside a 3D printer to bring your vision to life. All sorts of experiments are underway to find ways to improve upon the thermoplastic that’s typically used, which can be flimsy, from ceramics to metals to new materials entirely . 3D printing using metal is obviously one priority of researchers, who have long seen 3D printing’s potential to revolutionize prototyping, allowing inventors to rapidly iterate upon components and new parts and more quickly get them into the real world. But the methods we have so far are laborious and costly, requiring the use of powdered metals and elaborate support structures to mold your composite into the desired shape. Thankfully, a team of researchers working with a company called Desktop Metals think they have a workaround. “We have shown theoretically in this work […]

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