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Researchers Found a Way to Make ‘3D Printed Wood’: The Results Are Stunning

When it comes to the materials that will be used to construct future cities, you’d think we could do a lot better than wood . After all, society graduated to stronger stone constructions about three or four millennia or so ago. But for reasons ranging from aesthetics to sustainability, wood may be about to make a come back. For one, while it doesn’t contribute as directly to problems like deforestation , making concrete is a messy, emissions-heavy process: Mixing 1,000 so pounds of the stuff leads to about 1,000 pounds in corresponding emissions, too, according to one industry report . It’s also ugly . Fortunately, a group of engineers working at Columbia University have developed a potential fix to both problems: “Digital wood” which can be created using a 3D printer. Their results are stunning in their own right, but, as they lay out the the most recent edition […]


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