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Researchers Examine Potential for Synthetic Biomineralization in 3D Printing Bone Grafts

Written by David

March 1, 2019

Researchers from New Zealand and Australia have been looking into using natural elements as inspiration for 3D printing in bone grafts, detailing their findings in ‘ Towards the Development of Artificial Bone Grafts: Combining Synthetic Biomineralisation with 3D Printing .’ Authors Mima Kurian, Ross Stevens, and Kathryn McGrath outline techniques centered around nacre (known to most of us as mother-of-pearl). Now known as the McGrath method, the use of synthetic biomineralization allows scientists to 3D print artificial scaffolds with chitosan hydrogel used for ink. So far, the McGrath method takes place in a 3D printer customized by the research team, showing great potential for use of 3D compartmentalized polymer-mineral composites. Nacre is chosen as a material because of its biological importance overall, which has made it the subject of other studies before. In this case, the researchers are studying the qualities of biomineralizaton in nacre as they create chitosan-calcium […]


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