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Researchers at Rutgers create new ‘meta-materials’ with 4D printing

Photo by Wikimedia | Despite the name, 4D printing is essentially 3D printing, except that the materials are more flexible. The process of 4D printing involves temperature, in order to tune the mechanical properties of the materials and trigger their shape changing ability. The pinnacle in the realm of creation just a few years ago was 3D printing. Now, researchers in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers University have discovered a new frontier in 4D printing. Chen Yang, a graduate student and researcher, said that “4D printing is 3D printing with shape transformation capability over time.” This means that this new technology, unlike the stiff plastics created though 3D printing, is able to create complex machinery. This innovation in printing technology was not so much due to the printer itself evolving, but the materials used for the printing itself advancing, he said. These new materials are […]


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