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Researchers 3D Print Brainless Smart Objects with ‘Embodied Logic’

Researchers 3D Print Brainless Smart Objects with 'Embodied Logic'

Written by David

January 16, 2019

In what may seem like more magic than engineering, researchers at University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science have produced objects without a brain or a nervous system that are capable of making sophisticated decisions, a feature they call “embodied logic.” Best of all, the objects are 3D printed! Inspired by the Venus flytrap The engineers took inspiration from the brainless Venus flytrap’s ability to either snap on potential prey or reject that which it can’t eat. Then, by toying with “stimuli-responsive materials and geometric principles,” the team of researchers designed structures able to decide on appropriate responses to environmental cues using “physical and chemical makeup alone.” 3D Technologies To achieve this the engineers used bistable structures due to the fact that they can hold one of two configurations indefinitely. “Bistability is determined by geometry, whereas responsiveness comes out of the material’s chemical properties,” said Jordan Raney, […]


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