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Researcher at Penn State demonstrates superiority of 3D printed superalloy

A researcher at Penn State has demonstrated that 3D printed superalloys don’t exhibit an undesirable trait found in conventionally processed superalloys. Superalloys are alloys that are capable of withstanding extreme stresses, high temperatures, and highly-oxidizing environments. They’re incredibly useful in aircraft engines, gas and steam turbines, and heat exchangers for nuclear reactor systems. Superalloys are serious workhorses. One of the most popular superalloys is the nickel-based Inconel. Inconel, like all alloys, is susceptible to dynamic strain aging (DSA), or serrations in the stress-strain curve caused by high strain rates experienced at high temperatures. Many adverse mechanical properties are associated with DSA, including a decrease in low-cycle fatigue life and loss of ductility. Basically, the superalloys lose some of their super strength when they’re put under heavy strain in 600°+ environments. The mechanisms that cause DSA susceptibility are not fully understood, but it’s believed the issue is related to “the […]


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