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Rem3dy Wants to 3D Print Medicines and Supplements

Written by David

February 5, 2020

As a concept, 3D-printed food is obviously an interesting one. Not only because it’s difficult to wrap one’s head around what 3D printing food might even look like, but also to understand the actual point. That latter puzzle is actually what sent Melissa Snover, the inventor of the gummy 3D printing technology behind the Katjes Magic Candy Factory , to establish Rem3dy Health Group.


Under the brands Nourished and Scripted, Snover is applying her food 3D printing technology to custom supplements and medicine.


In 2016, Snover launched Magic Candy Factory, which she described as the first food 3D printer that could be used in live consumer environments. The gummy 3D printing technology from Magic Candy Factory is still operating globally in locations like the Dubai Mall and Warner Bros. Movie World in Abu Dhabi. As educational and engaging as the candy 3D printing concept is, however, Snover says that she and her team knew early on that it didn’t take advantage of the true value of 3D printing. One particular niche where the value of 3D printing is really exhibited is in custom goods.


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