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Reinventing manufacturing with advances in 3D printing

Reinventing manufacturing with advances in 3D printing

Australian door manufacturer, Centor, uses Markforged printers to print strong, functional prototypes. Andrew de Geofroy, vice president of application engineering at Markforged, spoke to Manufacturers’ Monthly about the new opportunities emerging from advancements in the 3D printing sphere. In recent years, 3D printers have proven themselves as viable solutions for rapid prototyping for product designers. But, Markforged believes that with the advancements in the technology, the scope for industrial 3D printing goes far beyond that. As Markforged’s vice president of application engineering, Andrew de Geofroy, told Manufacturers’ Monthly, advancements in 3D printing technologies have opened up new manufacturing opportunities in at least two distinct areas. “The first one is the ability for existing manufacturers to positively disrupt the way they’ve traditionally brought products to market – from prototyping to tooling up their assembly lines or producing end-use parts for final products or service/replacement parts. READ: New government strategy boosts […]


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