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Reducing Warpage in 3D PrintingPolypropylene (PP)

Reducing Warpage in 3D PrintingPolypropylene (PP)

Written by David

January 8, 2020

As authors Martin Spoerk, Clemens Holzer, and Joamin Gonzalez-Gutierrez perform research from Montanuniversitaet Leoben, they outline improvements for material extrusion‐based additive manufacturing (ME‐AM/FDM/FFF) using polypropylene (PP).


Details of their work have been outlined in the recently published ‘ Material extrusion-based additive manufacturing of polypropylene: A review on how to improve dimensional inaccuracy and warpage .’


Polypropylene (PP) is a popular thermoplastic used in many applications due to suitable mechanical properties, along with biocompatibility, resistance to chemicals, and inertness; there are challenges in using PP industrially, however, […]


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