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Realizing 3D Printing’s Potential via Automated Post-Processing Tech

Realizing 3D Printing’s Potential via Automated Post-Processing Tech

Written by David

May 16, 2019

As the 3D printing space continues to transform into something that fits into industrial factory settings, we’ve seen materials expand, systems improve, and a trend toward automation. What has so far seemed to be the missing piece is an equal improvement in post-processing technologies. One company looking to address that gap is Sheffield, UK-based Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), which has developed a technology for modifying the surface area of a wide range of polymers, specifically with an eye toward 3D-printed parts. Not only that, but AMT aims to automate the entire 3D printing post-production process, from depowdering to inspection. To learn more, we spoke to AMT CEO Joseph Crabtree. Post-Processing Crabtree has a background in engineering, having spent the last ten years in traditional manufacturing, including in the aerospace and weapons industries. When he became exposed to 3D printing technology about three years ago, he also noticed the lack […]


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