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Visitors to RAPID + TCT will be able to see the Rapidia system in action. Vancouver start-up, Rapidia Inc. is set to demo its water-based metal 3D printing technology at RAPID + TCT next week. Visitors to Detroit’s Cabo Center will be able to see the Rapidia system in action, which builds parts using a water-based metal paste from two independent print-heads and solvent-free two-step process to take parts directly from the printer to sintering furnace without the need for a debinding step commonly found in similar ‘bind-and-sinter’ processes. The system is said to incorporate a number of novel features including the ability to produce internal structures and complex assemblies by water-bonding them together before sintering. The process promises print speeds up to twice as fast as competing bound-metal and laser-based processes along with reduced operating costs and material usage thanks to a proprietary evaporative polymer support technology. “The […]