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RAPID + TCT 2019: What’s New in 3D Printing Hardware and Software

This year’s RAPID + TCT show displayed further evidence of additive manufacturing’s (AM) continued maturation into a mass-production technology. While will publish numerous videos from on the ground at RAPID, we thought an overview of all of the big announcements from the event would be helpful to our readers. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the most important bits of hardware and software news from last week’s event. Look out for a second recap covering 3D-printing materials stories, including diamond-based materials and strong moves from BASF. Deep Learning for Closed-Loop 3D Printing Blacksmith will compare printed parts to its CAD designs to learn how to ensure that components are within spec. (Image courtesy of Markforged.) Markforged unveiled its “artificial intelligence-powered” 3D-printing software, dubbed Blacksmith . The tool uses machine learning and inspection tools to adjust its own programming and parameters to produce parts as […]


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