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Rapid Magnetic 3D Printing of Human Cells

Rapid Magnetic 3D Printing of Human Cells

Written by David

March 26, 2019

Imagine being able to visit your physician, and instead of being given a one-size-fits-all treatment, you are given a specifically customized medication for your symptoms. A team of McMaster University engineers has found a way to use 3D printing technology to create artificial tumours to help researchers test new drugs and therapies, which could lead to personalized medicine. Currently, for researchers to study human health, testing is very expensive and time consuming. Research to learn about diseases is typically conducted in laboratory environments, for instance by creating a single layer of human or animal cells — 2D models — to test drugs and how they impact human cells. Alternatively, animal models are used to study the progression of disease. If realistic 3D cell clusters, with several layers of cells, can be produced that better mimic conditions inside the body, then this has the potential to eliminate the use of […]


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