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RAPID 2019: Opening Day and Opening Ceremony

RAPID 2019: Opening Day and Opening Ceremony

Written by David

May 21, 2019

The first day of the RAPID + TCT conference was bristling with activity. The first day mostly consists of lectures and workshops. At some other conferences, this is a secondary affair but here in Detroit we’re really seeing this be the meat and bones of the conference on day one. There were a tonne of conference events and workshops today from the very general to the highly specific. There were workshops on casting materials for automobiles , implementing quality systems for medical devices , metal printing , how to use 3D printers in hospitals and biomaterials. A lot of these were almost all day events with multiple speakers that were almost conferences in and of themselves. Professor Hart’s Workshop Professor John Hart gave a great presentation on applying materials and processes to making 3D printed parts throughout the life cycle . This workshop was great for people trying to […]


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