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Quick Response Codes in 3D-Printed Structures

Today’s additive manufacturing market is a $5 billion worldwide business in which computer aided designs often traverse the internet, email, or cloud-based services from owner to often-remote three-dimensional (3D) printers. These risky transits and the widespread availability of 3D printers, constitute a vast opportunity for hackers and thieves prowling for back doors to print unauthorized parts from stolen intellectual property, or reverse engineer genuinely acquired parts to create counterfeits. Theft of intellectual property alone costs manufacturers billions of dollars a year. Computer aided design of a cube with embedded QR code segmented into 320 small cubes in isomeric view (left-hand image). Three views normal to each other (three right-hand images). Only the first of these three images will give the correct reading orientation (large cube is 10 x 10 x 10 mm3 and 320 small cubes are 0.36 x 036 x 0.36 mm3 each). So far, schemes to authenticate […]


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