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Qrons is Developing 3D Printable Implants to Treat Brain Injuries | 3D Printing Today - 3D Printing News and 3D Printing Trends
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Qrons is Developing 3D Printable Implants to Treat Brain Injuries

Written by David

October 19, 2019

Every year traumatic brain injuries (TBI) affect an average of 69 million individuals worldwide.


Although the number is less than one percent of the total global population, it is large enough to draw attention from researchers and companies trying to ease the pain and suffering related to the injury, which is usually the result of a fall, a sports injury and especially traffic accidents. In the United States, it is one of the leading causes of death and disability among children and young adults.


With so many biotechnology companies springing up to resolve, via bioprinting, many common afflictions and diseases, one of them has been developing advanced stem cell-based solutions since 2016 to combat neuronal injuries, with a particular focus on TBI and concussions.


Qrons , headquartered in New York, is now going further with their innovative research after they announced an agreement with Dartmouth College , […]

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