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Q&A: Ken Church CEO of nScrypt on printed electronics and the Factory in a Tool

Written by Paul

October 25, 2018

Based in Orlando, Florida nScrypt is a provider of micro-dispensing and 3D printing equipment. Together with TechShot, a 3D bioprinter developed by the company will be installed on the ISS next year. Working across industries including electronics, solar, printed antennas, life sciences, and pharmaceutical the company has a range of patented technologies that facilitate applications where precision is vital. I caught up with nScrypt to learn more about the recently announced Factory in Tool (FiT). FiT is described as a system that, “digitally fabricates anything from 2D and 3D printed circuit structures (PCS) to biological structures and can be used almost anywhere on the digital manufacturing floor.” In practice this translates as multiple tool heads, including a FiT’s nFD extruder tool. That tool head is intended to allow printing of materials including composites and continuous carbon fiber. When a material is unavailable in filament form, a hopper can be […]

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