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Providing 3D Printing Consistency, Security

By Bill Koenig, Senior Editor LEO Lane, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based software company, is positioning itself as a resource for manufacturers to get more consistent results from 3D printing. “In an industrial setting, you must have consistency,” said Lee-Bath Nelson, a LEO Lane vice president and co-founder. “Software is well suited to provide consistency.” With additive manufacturing, “we’ve shifted from something aimed for prototypes to a more mature ecosystem and we can talk about production. That shift brings challenges. Prototypes are very forgiving. Designers can say, “Imagine it was smoother. Imagine the red was Coca-Cola red.” As AM is used more to produce finished parts, things aren’t as forgiving. According to LEO Lane , its software is a way to overcome that. Also, Nelson said, the software can safeguard designs and other intellectual property, commonly known as IP. “When you talk about potential IP leakage, that’s something that keeps […]


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