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Protolabs expands 3D printing services with polypropylene SLS

Protolabs expands 3D printing services with polypropylene SLS

Written by David

October 9, 2019

On-demand digital manufacturing provider Protolabs has launched a new polypropylene (PP) 3D printing service for its customers in Europe.


A company first, the Telford-based Northern European branch of Protolabs has invested significantly in development of the material for SLS 3D printing.


“Until recently you could only use 3D printed polypropylene-like materials that mimicked this plastic, but they did not have all of the same properties and were not as durable,” explains Andrea Landoni, 3D printing product manager for Protolabs.


With the launch of the new service the company aims to provide design engineers with the ability to develop and test prototypes using the same material as used for production. SLS technology will also enable the creation of complex designs that can’t be achieved with traditional manufacturing technologies.


“The product design can […] be quickly reiterated and retested until [designers] have the perfect solution, before committing to tooling,” adds Landoni. […]


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