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Protecting Additive Manufacturing Workflow with Blockchain Technology

Each December, CEOWorld magazine identifies the top five technology trends poised to transform the world in the New Year. In 2018, Blockchain and Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing were two digital platforms recognized for the dramatic impact they have on global enterprise, particularly in leading industries such as manufacturing, government, and supply chain. As more industries are realizing the benefits of additive manufacturing (AM), it follows that the transportation, distribution, and security of the digital files AM generates using blockchain-enabled solutions are gaining momentum for the future of business in the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. The products produced by AM technology are only as viable as the integrity and traceability of the digital files – and printers – that create them. Unsecured data carries with it a greater risk for counterfeit, maliciously modified, poor quality, or uncertified parts entering the physical supply chain. For the manufacturing sector the threat […]


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