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Project DIAMOnD welcomes Markforged to improve Michigan AM

Project DIAMOnD welcomes Markforged to improve Michigan AM

Written by Paul

January 7, 2021

Markforged’s facility in Billerica, MA Markforged distributed its first wave of 3D printers to manufacturers in Michigan as part of Project DIAMOnD.


The project, which is administered by Michigan-based Industry 4.0 knowledge centre Automation Alley , is dedicated to improving manufacturers’ agility and resiliency as Industry 4.0 builds a head of steam. Over 200 manufacturers have received printers that can produce personal protective equipment (PPE) for civil authorities. The printers also help these manufacturers maintain and retool their manufacturing operations. Project DIAMOnD’s focus on Michigan PPE production fills a critical gap in the medical supply chain during the continued fight against COVID-19. Each individual printer connects to a centralized, blockchain-enabled cloud, operated by Automation Alley. The project is poised to become the world’s largest emergency response network for printing physical objects on demand. Automation Alley selected Markforged’s 3D printing platform to enhanced manufacturers’ Markforged’s X7 3D printer supply chain efficiency and resiliency along with Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology. Project DIAMOnD is powered by a grant Automation Alley received from Oakland County and Macomb County, allowing for 300 applicants to receive Markforged printers. Markforged printers are already being used in COVID-19 PPE production. This Network has reported on a partnership […]


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