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Production System metal 3D printer set to compete with traditional methods of mass production

Former Vice President Al Gore told the audience attending a conference at Desktop Metal (DM) in March that acceptance of new technologies usually takes longer than expected. And often the old ways of doing things must be jettisoned before a new technology can gain traction. Gore cited 3D printing as an example. “So many changes had to take place before 3D printing could be accepted,” he said. “The infrastructure. The thinking. The design of parts that could unleash the potential of 3D printing.“It took time.” It also takes times to develop, test, tweak, retest, tweak again, and qualify a new 3D printer—especially one that breaks as much new ground as DM’s Production System.The company claims its new machine is the “world’s fastest metal printer … and the first and only metal 3D printing system for mass production that [can] compete with traditional manufacturing processes.” The printer reportedly builds parts […]


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