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Production-scale use of 3D printing at ‘tipping point’

Production-scale use of 3D printing at ‘tipping point’

Written by David

March 21, 2019

A study about additive manufacturing released in mid-March by Essentium Inc. and Dimensional Research concludes that confidence in and deployment of industrial-scale 3D printing (3DP) is at a tipping point among users. The study, “ 3D Printing at Scale ,” reveals that 22 percent now use 3D printing for full-scale production runs of parts and 36 percent expect to in the future. Sixty-one percent use 3DP for prototyping work; 58 percent expect to do so in the future. Besides reducing manufacturing costs, the transformational impact on manufacturing from industrial-scale 3DP is expected to be far-reaching, according to the survey findings. Forty-three percent of respondents believe it will make the mass-customization of products possible, 39 percent expect to gain a competitive advantage from a dramatic acceleration in the cycle of design to proof of concept to mass production, and 38 percent expect to bring the manufacturing supply chain closer to […]


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