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Production Materials are Critical in Prototyping

At a Glance: Prototypes are designed to test fit, form and function. 3D printing offers an efficient way to create functional prototypes. There are advantages to using prototypes created with production materials.


Prototyping: a term as common to product developers and engineers as flour is to bakers.


In its basic form, a prototype is a physical representation of an idea. After the idea is sketched out on paper, then designed in a CAD program, it’s time to build a prototype. Prototypes are the vehicles for designers to iterate towards perfection, allowing them to test their designs and prove out as much as possible before entering production. Errors in production are far more expensive to remedy than when fixed during the design process. Prototyping can be done through a number of methods, but the materials must match the needs. 3D Printing: Quick and Inexpensive for Prototyping […]


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