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Product Q&A: the myriad applications of 3D printing

Additive manufacturing experts from Formlabs, MakerBot and Renishaw offer their take on the trends and technologies that are driving the application of 3D printing technology


Meet the panel:Jennifer Milne , product manager at Formlabs Dave Veisz , VP of Engineering, MakerBot Bryan Austin , Director of Additive Manufacturing Sales, Renishaw


What trends / customer requirements are driving developments in your product area?


JM: One of the major trends driving additive manufacturing is material science. The materials that are used in the 3D printing process, when coupled with novel designs only possible with 3D printing, enable customers to develop products that perform better than those created through traditional means of manufacturing. Material science is impacting every application 3D printing can be used for – from healthcare to engineering. In the healthcare use case in particular, the customer need for biocompatible materials is driving the industry to create plastics that […]


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