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Press print: 3D-printing to disrupt implants industry

Press print: 3D-printing to disrupt implants industry

Written by Paul

October 9, 2018

The implementation of 3D printing technology in healthcare has created exciting developments, making medical technology which is often expensive at the time of market entry becomes cheaper over time. 3D printing in medicine has started to revolutionise the field, especially with its declining cost and increased accessibility. Albeit costlier than existing implant solutions in healthcare, the precision of end-product is what ensures the success of the 3D-printing medical devices. Designed from the thoroughly analysed digital model, 3D implants leave no room for error compared with traditional techniques which usually require additional processing adding waste and extraction costs. With enhanced precision, 3D printed medical implants such as orthopaedic and dental implants have witnessed an impressive success rate in the last five years. Fact MR’s market study estimates sales of medical implants continue to dominate the market. Customisation is the current trend in medical implants market. Advances in 3D printers, materials […]


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