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Precise Bio wants to 3D print you some new corneas

Precise Bio wants to 3D print you some new corneas

Written by David

November 9, 2018

You could soon have your corneas 3D-printed if anything was to go wrong with your eyes. That’s according to a North Carolina-based start-up called Precise Bio that has been working on bio-printing tissues for a variety of medical applications. Bioprinters are a specialised type of 3D printers. Instead of putting down layers of plastic or metal to gradually build a structure, they put down layers of cells and biocompatible materials to build tissue. The company, who was founded by several professors at the renowned Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicin, just announced that its first products will be for the eye, starting with a human cornea suitable for transplantation. While the technology is far from ready for the clinic, the firm’s big cheese said it has the potential to transform the treatment of serious ophthalmic diseases and conditions. “Based in part on the requests and suggestions from these key […]


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