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Precht and Mamou-Mani unveil ‘Sandwaves’ and ‘Pixel Gate’ 3D printed installations in Saudi Arabia

Architectural design studios Precht and Mamou-Mani Architects have constructed a pair of installations in Saudi Arabia using 3D printing. The first installation, named Sandwaves, uses a sand 3D printing method and features lattice structures woven in a ribbon-like formation. The second piece comprises a set of stacked cubes, named Pixel Gate, 3D printed using a standard extrusion-based method. Both installations are located in Diriyah, and are intended for use as street furniture. They were specifically designed and built for the Diriyah Season , a set of international sports and entertainment events held at Al Bujairi Heritage Park, Riyadh. Precht and Mamou-Mani partnered on the installations for their client Designlab Experience , a specialist in urban art installations. Both installations were also built in collaboration with UK-engineering firm Format. “We believe that true innovation builds upon the achievements of the past. Innovation looks at history, learns from it and reinvents […]


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