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Polyga launches new H3 handheld 3D scanner – Technical specifications and pricing

Polyga, a 3D scanner developer based in Canada, has announced the release of its new H3 handheld 3D scanner. Described as an “all-purpose” handheld 3D scanner, the H3 is designed for scanning people, artifacts, artistic objects, and mechanical parts into digital 3D models.


An objective for Polyga as it was developing the H3 was to ensure its 3D scans were comparable in quality to those produced by stationary scanners, according to Thomas Tong, President of Polyga Inc: “We wanted to create a handheld 3D scanner that produces scan data as good as our stationary 3D scanners. This professional handheld system uses our proprietary, multi-image scanning patterns for 3D capture that we’ve traditionally used with our stationary 3D scanners. That’s why the H3 captures high-accuracy scans in a single shot.” “The system produces equally high-quality data in both handheld and stationary modes.” The Polyga H3 3D scanner. Photo via […]


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