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Polimotor’s 3D Printed Plastic Internal Combustion Engine

Polimotor’s 3D Printed Plastic Internal Combustion Engine

Written by David

July 27, 2020

A company is apparently 3D printing fully functional internal combustion engines for racing — made from plastic!


When this was first brought to my attention I thought it was yet another one of those fascinating 3D models of engines you find on Thingiverse. You know what I’m talking about: the projects with dozens of 3D printable parts that you can assemble into a mechanical replica of, say, a V8 engine. Give it a turn and you’ll see the pistons move up and down. Those are fun, although often a lot of work.


But the project from Polimotor is definitely not that, not that at all. They’re really producing a plastic internal combustion engine.


I was quite skeptical about this concept: internal combustion engines (ICEs) involve high heat, plenty of mechanical stress and sometimes severe operating […]


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