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Polaroid Has A 3D Printing Pen

Sometimes 3D printing is all fun and games, and that’s a great way to get the next generation interested — and just to have fun. Summer is starting in the northern hemisphere, and Polaroid points to the season as a great time to introduce its new Play 3D Pen.


Normally this is when we’d say kids will be at home more now that school’s out, or about to let out for the summer — but thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, in most places the kids have already been home with distance learning. So whether it’s for projects for bored kiddos on summer break or bored kiddos sick of jigsaw puzzles during lockdown — or kiddos not bored at all (or not kids at all) who just want to have some three-dimensional drawing fun — there’s a new 3D printing pen in […]


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