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Poland-based VentilAid project 3D prints open-source ventilator

Poland-based VentilAid project 3D prints open-source ventilator

Written by David

March 25, 2020

Engineers and designers from Poland-based Urbicum have banded together to launch the VentilAid project , an effort to design an open-source ventilator which can be reproduced using a 3D printer and an assembly of basic, easily accessible parts.


The open-source ventilator is being designed to help medical professionals in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in cases where more traditional hospital resources are limited or exhausted.


“We are facing a serious threat due to COVID-19,” the VentilAid team writes on its website. “Most of the countries are suffering severe shortage of medical equipment, that cannot be produced and delivered in a short time. Ventilators are essential to keep breathing when faced with the complications of COVID-19.”


Indeed, devices like ventilators are proving to be critical in helping to treat people suffering the more severe symptoms of the novel coronavirus. The machines are designed to move air into and out […]


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