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Poietis launches Next Generation Bioprinting systems for research and clinical use

Written by Paul

October 30, 2018

French biotechnology company Poietis , has announced the launch of a new 4D bioprinting platform. Titled Next Generation Bioprinting (NGB), the technology incorporates automation, robotics and sensors, to improve performance. It is also to be realized in two new 3D bioprinters from the company: the NGB-R, for research applications, and the NGB-C, to meet future clinical needs of its partners. Laser assisted 4D bioprinting Poietis’ 4D bioprinting technology is a laser assisted process. In it, a pulsed laser is used to deposit microscopic droplets of cell-laden ink onto a substrate. The 4D element of technology, as with typical 4D printing , is time – as in the time taken for layered droplets to develop into tissues after 3D bioprinting. By adopting 4D instead of 3D, Poietis differentiates itself from a growing bioprinting market, though time to culture is still required of all current cell-based 3D fabrication techniques. CAD file […]

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