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Perdose: 72 Ways That We Could Use 3D Printing To Make More Effective Pharmaceuticals

Written by David

November 19, 2019

In a previous article, we looked at how SLS , SLA , inkjet and FDM are making pills customized. 3D printing pharmaceuticals so that patients get exactly the right dose is a burgeoning research area.


We believe that this has a lot of potential, so we’ve done articles on startups who are 3D printing pills such as FabRx, Anelle O and Craft Health. We’ve also editorialized about just how impactful that this could be for healthcare, looked at how people are using desktop 3D printers to print pills, the first approved 3D printed drug, how mouthguards are being used as well as IUD’s, how people are making micro reservoirs, specific doses for kids at several overview & review papers and more.


But aside from the obvious, what exactly can one customize on a pill through 3D printing? In the literature, the main […]

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