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People are 3D printing their own protective equipment

People are 3D printing their own protective equipment

Written by David

March 27, 2020

With hospitals and all corners of healthcare struggling to keep up with demand for personal protection equipment, people are being forced to get creative. From his home in Muskegon, Chris Kaminsky is doing his part.


With a small arsenal of 3-D printers, he’s making his own face shields with designs he found online. “They’re a dime-a-dozen now,” he said. “You go online you’ll find a thousand of these now.”


The designs take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to print. Kaminsky, who runs the Lakeshore Fab Lab, a community maker space partnered with Muskegon Community College, has the equipment and the know-how to crank out roughly 100-200 per day. “It’s kind of a better-than-nothing approach,” he said. The 3-D printers work like a hot glue gun – taking the spool of material and literally spinning it into the desired design, which is uploaded to […]


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