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Penn State startup Kijenzi supplies Kenyan communities with 3D printed medical supplies

Written by David

February 27, 2019

Kijenzi , a humanitarian start-up from Pennsylvania State University’s College of Engineering, is aiding remote healthcare facilities in Kenya with 3D printed medical supplies . The initial vision of Kijenzi aimed to use its portable, custom 3D printers to speedily produce health equipment such as braces, clamps and vacuum pumps at low costs. Nevertheless, as the initiative began working in the Kenyan community, the team concluded that access to the CAD design files needed to print the equipment was more limited than the hardware. Thus, the start-up shifted from supplying 3D printers to developing a cloud-based system, enabling access to 3D printable files for hospitals and medical professionals. John K. Gershenson, co-founder of Kijenzi and director of the Penn State Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) program explained: “Our customers are health care facilities that don’t have access to the supply chains they need and over 40% don’t have […]


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