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Patricia Urquiola and Aectual take the floor at BMW exhibit

Patricia Urquiola and Aectual take the floor at BMW exhibit

Written by David

January 18, 2019

Though we often write about how 3D printing is impacting automotive design, we don’t often see the technology being used to augment the display of a vehicle. As BMW recently demonstrated, however, 3D printing can be used to take an automotive unveiling to a whole new level. Earlier today, the automotive manufacturer launched “Progressive Luxury meets Creative Excellence,” an exhibition at BMW Welt in Munich that is showcasing the BMW 7 Series, the first-ever BMW X7 and the 8 Series line-up, designed by BMW director of design Adrian van Hooydonk. And while the cars are the stars of the show, so to speak, our attention has been drawn to another element of the exhibition: the floor. Spanish designer and architect Patricia Urquiola teamed up with 3D printing design tech company Aectual to create a truly stunning 3D printed floor for the exhibit. The one-of-a-kind surface spans over 320 square […]


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