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Pandemic Spotlights 3D Printing’s Potential to Change Product Development Status Quo, Stratasys Says

The launch of the full-color, office-oriented J55 3D printer comes at a moment of exceptional supply chain disruption, which increases the appeal of in-house part and prototype creation.


Stratasys launched its office-friendly, multicolor-capable J55 3D printer yesterday, and both the “virtual launch event” — which featured presentations delivered in home offices — and the product messaging were heavily influenced by the current coronavirus crisis.


“3D printing is more relevant today than it ever has been before,” said event host Liz Miklya, senior vice-president of PR firm Weber Shandwick. “We are in a time when businesses have to rely on their own resources, protect themselves from disruptions in the supply chain, innovate and create quicker — and with less contact — than ever before.”


The answer to these challenges, according to Stratasys, is to bypass traditional product development workflows altogether. “We are living in a world of continuous acceleration … […]


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