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Overview of the Best 3D Marketplaces

Written by David

December 2, 2018

A 3D printing marketplace is an online platform where you can buy, sell or share digital 3D printable files. The most widely used 3D printable file formats are stl, wrl and vrml. There are 3D printing marketplaces that offer file sharing free of charge, there are also 3D printing marketplaces that have a built in e-commerce capability. Often, a 3D printing marketplace website offers the possibility for a 3D designer to have his or her own shop-in-shop where the designer can upload suitable files and sell them via the 3D marketplace website (or give them away for free). The 3D printing marketplace provides server resources, infrastructure and a guarantee of safe settlement for payments. Some of the marketplaces also offer additional services such as 3D printing on demand. For an overview of the best 3D printing services, visit our 3D Printing Services page . Turbosquid This is maybe the […]


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