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Overland Architects Designs 3D Printed Neighborhoods in Texas

Overland Architects Designs 3D Printed Neighborhoods in Texas

Written by David

April 13, 2019

San Antonio based architecture firm Overland Partners have designed a series of proposals for new 3D printed neighborhoods in Texas.


Teaming up with nonprofit, 3 Strands Neighborhoods, and ICON , a creator of printers, robotics, and advanced materials, the firm utilized the Vulcan II 3D printer to revolutionize home building. The collaboration aims to address the housing crisis in America and establish a sense of community for disadvantaged families.


Twelve design teams from Overland were tasked with designing an affordable, single-family home that helps to address the loneliness epidemic by facilitating natural, informal interactions with neighbors and building community. Throughout the process, the design teams considered variables such as site orientation, ecology, energy efficiency, water management, material selection, resilience and adaptability […]


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