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Opinion: 3D printing unlocks new possibilities in duplicating cars

If you’re of a certain vintage, you’ll remember that old “Piracy – it’s a crime” ad that said, “You wouldn’t steal a car”, and therefore you shouldn’t download that BitTorrent of Blade: Trinity. It always seemed a pretty wobbly piece of finger-wagging. Calling it “piracy” made it seem glamorous and exciting – the ad came out only months after the first Jack Sparrow movie – and also that the guy stealing the old 1970s 280E in the ad actually looked pretty badass. But the point is, we’re finally ready to put that ad to the test. Because pirating cars is suddenly possible. If you’re unlucky, you’ve seen a 3D-printed electric motorbike designed and produced by a German company called NOWlab. It looks like a motorbike designed by a blind person who has not only never seen a motorbike, but hates everyone who has, and is trying to get back […]


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