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Novameat develops 3D-printed meat-free steak from plant-based proteins

Novameat develops 3D-printed meat-free steak from plant-based proteins

Written by David

December 2, 2018

Italian bioengineer Giuseppe Scionti from Spanish startup Novameat has invented the “world’s first” 3D-printed meat-free steak made from vegetable proteins, which mimics the texture of beef. Ingredients such as rice, peas and seaweed, which provide the amino acids needed for a healthy diet, are turned into a food paste that is 3D-printed to form a raw, steak-like substance. Despite an abundance of meat-free products already on the market that taste similar to animal meats, Scionti found that these are limited to imitation burgers, chicken nuggets or meatballs. None of the offerings reproduce a piece of “fibrous flesh” such as steak or chicken breast. In an effort to reduce the impact of animal agriculture and to improve people’s nutrition, the Milanese researcher set out to create a plant-based alternative to “fleshy” meat products. For his first prototype, Scionti mixed protein-rich ingredients with a paella colourant to form a bright red […]


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