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Nova Meat is 3D printing steak made from peas and seaweed

Nova Meat is 3D printing steak made from peas and seaweed

Written by David

November 19, 2018

Science and meat have come together in recent years like marshmallows and campfires, with multiple companies trying to engineer meat analogs that aren’t totally ooff-putting Some are growing muscle tissue in lab settings while others seek to simulate the flavor and texture of meat with plant-based proteins, fiber, and amino acids. So far, the already available plant-based alternatives seem to taste and feel more like the real, as long as we’re talking about ground meat. The lab-grown meat scores higher on texture when compared to a steak or chicken breast, but is currently prohibitively expensive to offer in stores and restaurants. That means there’s currently an underserved market of people that want a meat alternative with the fibrous texture of a cut of meat, and that’s where Giuseppe Scionti’s Nova Meat could carve up the competition. Scionti has developed the meat-free food using protein powder from rice or peas […]


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