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Not for Lack of Support—Netfabb 2021.0 for 3D Print Processing

Perhaps the most thankless task of getting a 3D print ready is having to add supports. And the most galling task is to then remove them from the part after it emerges from the 3D printer.


Netfabb’s latest release helps with that.


There are new options for projecting bar supports and helping determine where they are placed. Supports can concentrate on mostly flat and level surfaces below the overhangs. Individual supports created from a script can be turned off or on, which is great for doing what-if scenarios with different settings.


The settings are retained even if the file is exporting and importing. More complicated supports (polylines) can be tapered or widened near their connection to the model. Supports can be cloned more easily and automatic alignment makes sure that supports will work even after either the source or the target moves. So What Else Is New? Glad you […]


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