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NIU students push 3D printing boundaries to the max

NIU students push 3D printing boundaries to the max

Written by David

February 26, 2019

DeKalb, Ill. — Surrounded by 3D printers in a space designed to challenge and inspire, Todd Durham feels at home. The mechanical engineering major from Genoa spends much of his time in the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology’s new Maker Space . He and his fellow classmates are on the cutting edge of a booming industry. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is an industry where design possibilities once dreamed of by engineers are becoming reality. “It’s just crazy to think I’m a sophomore in college and I’m actually consulting with a real company, helping them to develop an actual product,” said mechanical engineering major Todd Durham of Genoa. “It’s a real-world example of what we’re doing here.” Source: Northern Illinois Univeristy The experience students are gaining extends far beyond the lab. Essentially, through partnerships between the college and technology companies and businesses, they’re already doing the […]


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