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Nike, Pepsi and Kodak step into the world of 3D printing

Nike, Pepsi and Kodak step into the world of 3D printing

Written by David

November 5, 2018

Unless you live in a cave, you have probably seen the rapid ascension of 3D printing in our modern world. It appears that businesses of all sizes and industries are getting in on this new tech. Nike has caused a lot of buzz surrounding the use of 3D printing to produce new shoes which sneakerheads are eagerly anticipating. Outside of the shoe industry, many other industry leaders are taking advantage of the many benefits of 3D printing. Legendary brand Kodak and 3D manufacturer Smart International have come together to produce the KODAK Portrait, Kodak’s first 3D printer that aims to fill the gap in the professional 3D printer market with elements designed especially for the education, creative and engineering sectors. The KODAK Portrait can be used to create some truly amazing things, from movie props and engineering and architectural components to consumer goods and prosthetics. In addition to Kodak, […]


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