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Nickel Superalloys Demonstrate What the Future of Metal AM Materials Looks Like

Over the past quarter, SmarTech has been releasing a series of insightful data-backed market insight briefs on various sectors of the metal additive manufacturing market, focusing on specific types of metals which are driving (or expected to drive) metal AM over the next decade. The release of these shorter, material-specific briefs will culminate in the release of our full-fledged metal additive manufacturing research study which has helped guide the metal AM industry over the past five years. Particularly interesting points can be observed in each of the major metals segments today which are unique to each segment. In past blogs, I’ve noted how steels have become the fastest growing metal for 3D printing and are the ‘workhorse’ of the industry today. Nickel alloys, however, demonstrate the extension of a trend that is common across all metal segments today, and for this reason, stand out as perhaps the most mature […]


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