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NGNY Devices: Thousands in savings on end-use parts thanks to 3D printing

Written by David

January 13, 2020

Incorporating in-house 3D printing at the engineering and fabrication workflows of end-use parts for their automated machines is saving NGNY over 40,000€ a year, while significantly accelerating their processes and facilitating customization from beginning to end.


Founded in 2015, NGNY Devices works on the design and construction of machinery and automated equipment for elements operation in repetitive processes. Their products are usually located in automated clinical laboratories – those that test blood and urine samples when our doctor requests an analysis. To simplify, these machines manage test tubes : they classify, uncover, make copies, retake, centrifuge, label and identify them. And they can classify up to 1,000 tubes per hour, which, in the case of those laboratories who work 24 hours, sums up to 24,000 tubes per day! Each NGNY’s machine serves different purposes, and has to be completely customized for the client. Therefore, the company works constantly on […]

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