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New Technology Will Enable Metal Parts Manufacturing Through 3D Printing

Written by Paul

November 5, 2018

A consortium of São Paulo universities, industries and research institutes plans to advance the development of additive manufacturing in combination with machining processes (image: release) Just as it is already possible to manufacture a wide range of polymer-based ( plastic ) objects using 3D printing or additive manufacturing ( AD ), it will soon be possible to make metal parts using that technique in combination with some machining processes. That innovative manufacturing technology , which plans to replace, at least partially, traditional processes of casting, forging and machining, has attracted the attention of different research groups around the world. In Brazil , the main institutions working with additive manufacturing in the state of São Paulo gathered together through the project funded by FAPESP , to align efforts to further study, develop and apply the new technology . Some of the challenges involved in developing the technology in Brazil were […]


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