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New Technique for Multi-Material 3D Printing

A multi-layer, single material print sample from a new technique invented by researchers at Columbia University that uses selective laser sintering to print objects with multiple materials at the same time.


Researchers at Columbia flipped the laser in SLS additive manufacturing so the 3D printing process can print more than one material at a time. Researchers have developed a new technique to allow a laser-based 3D printing process that previously could only print with one material now use several at the same time.


A team of engineers at Columbia University in New York modified the selective laser sintering (SLS) process by inverting the laser so that it points upwards, they said. This change allowed for multi-materials printing using the process. SLS is a process that prints parts out of micron-scale material powders using a laser; the laser heats the particles to the point where they fuse together to form […]


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